Miles’ Story

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Birth can be a deeply transformative experience. We have had the joy of witnessing Lynn’s transformation, and also the joy of her writing. Here’s an excerpt:

“Going through natural childbirth was more important to me than I thought it could be.  It was a transformation that balanced my everything, and I believe Miles’s everything as well..  It brought me and my baby into some space and time that I define as the place where I met god, and I have found myself in the last few days wishing to go back to that hugely powerful place to feel it once again, even accompanied by the pain.  There is a reason why women are meant to do this, and I know why now.  For years I had questioned why it had to be so painful and so miserable for women to give birth, so unfair… I no longer have these questions.”

Visit her blog for the rest of the story- it’s good one!

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