Tennyson: A Review of the Burdett Care Center

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My name is Robin D Manthei-Ostroverkhov and my son Tennyson Myles Ostroverkhov was born at the BCC on 11-30-11.

My birth experience was everything I had hoped and wanted it to be and it could have not been done in this area any place but the BCC.

Pam Platis was the midwife who delivered my baby.  My support team consisted of my wonderful husband who massaged my back for 16 hours, my two doulas Erin and Betsy and a wonderful nurse named Jennifer.

Prior to my birth at the BCC – we had taken a tour there and found the facility to be clean and new and modern.  I was looking forward to having my baby there.

My son was post his due date so I was at the BCC twice prior to his birth for a non-stress test.  During the tests the nurses were professional but also nice.  They took interest in my comfort and also explained the test that they were performing and the outcome was given to me prior to leaving the BCC.

We had two concerns during these visits. In the  triage room were the non- stress test was performed there was blood on the ceiling. When I was taken down to the hospital for the ultrasound, there was two police officers walking around with a man in hand and leg cuffs.  There should be a room at the BCC were ultrasounds are performed so that pregnant women can have these tests done in a non-stressful environment.

For the birth of my son   we arrived at the BCC on 11-29-11 at 7 pm after laboring at home since the prior evening (early labor).  We were greeted right away by Lanette- who we had met on the tour.  She remembered us and it was nice to have a smiling face greet us.  She asked us what type of room we wanted and we chose a labor and recovery room so we would not have to switch rooms.

The rooms are beautiful at the BCC.  One of the nice perks is they allow you to decorate as you please.  We hung Christmas lights and turned off all the overhead lights- which made for a calm birthing environment for me.

Lanette was the nurse who followed my labor from 7pm until 12 am.  I gave her my birth plan and she was very respectful of it.  When I was first admitted she checked my progress and agreed I was in active labor.  Lanette worked with me and the positions I was moving into for my vitals and the babies vitals.  This may not have been the easiest for her because I was moving around a lot and could not lay on the bed on my back. I also could not tolerate the belly band around my waist for listening to the babies heart rate so she used the doppler. I am sure that any other birthing facility would have made me lay on my back for the vitals and fetal monitoring.

At 12 am Lanette’s shift ended and Jennifer came in and introduced herself and checked the vitals of myself and Tenny. At that point I was laboring in the Jacuzzi tub while the BCC staff along with my doula Erin were setting up the pool for a water birth. Pam also arrived at this point to see how I was doing. Although I was several hours into active labor no one insisted that I be checked for dilation- which I really liked because I did not feel pressure to rush and have Tennyson within a certain amount of time.  They just let my body take its time and labor naturally.

During labor I was between the Jacuzzi tub and the pool. The BCC staff assembled the birthing pool and made sure the water temperature stayed warm.  They also made sure that I stayed comfortable with warm towels after leaving the water. My birthing plan was followed and respected by the entire staff at BCC.

During my 2.5 hours of pushing Jennifer monitored Tennyson and assured me that he and myself were doing great.  She helped me a great deal during pushing by guiding me through breathing and remaining calm.  Pam delivered my baby while allowing my husband and doulas to be an active part of the delivery as well.

Tennyson was born 11-30-11 at 6:55 am happy and healthy with no medical intervention.

After Tennyson arrived the staff respected our wishes to have skin to skin right away and delay him being cleaned, weighed, ect.

Lanette met Tennyson that day, even though she was not my nurse she went out of her way to come and meet him and see how our new family was doing.  This gesture along with the personal attention from the entire staff made the birthing experience at the BCC very comfortable.

During our stay at the BCC we were treated very well. I do have some suggestions that would have made the post birthing experience a little more pleasant. After birthing through out the night it would have been nice to rest with out interruption. Once the nurses are assured that baby and Mom and doing well they should allow the family to rest.  We had a number of staff coming into the room doing things that were unrelated to us.  For explain the cleaning staff came in twice- to take down the pool and then again to clean the room.  They had someone come in to take our food order for the stay. It would also be nice if the pediatrician would come to the room for examining the baby. An improvement of the food would be my final suggestion.

If I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing and I would highly recommend anyone looking to have a natural birth experience choose the BCC.

Robin D Manthei-Ostroverkhov

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