Childbirth Education


Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Appropriate information for families birthing at home or in the hospital. Tuesday evenings – 6:30 pm-8:30pm at FLC Downtown (20 Elm St).  See our Schedule for specific dates. The fee for the series is $200 per family and registration is required. Please contact the facilitator for single class options. Facilitated by Betsy Mercogliano, LM, CNM, CPM, RN, CD, CCE or Jessica Hayek, CCCE, Doula.  Register by calling: (518) 465-0241 or emailing: Location: The Family Life Center, 20 Elm Street, Albany, NY 12202

Week 1: Active Birth – Early Labor Movement and discussion of early labor and the physiology of pregnancy, labor & birth. Both rest and activity are great for early labor. This class will give lots of tips on how to balance the two!  

Week 2: Support! How to build the best birth support team for YOU! Class will cover birth plans, care provider selection, doula support,  and tips for making your birth setting personalized and amazing!  

Week 3: Active Birth – Active Labor Movement during Active Labor can help mom stay comfortable and help baby come quicker!  Learn and practice labor positions using birth balls, partner support and other props.  We will explore comfort measures (hot/cold packs, aromatherapy, water, etc…) that can help you through!   We will also focus on optimal baby positioning and what you can do to help your baby find the path of least resistance!  

Week 4: Exploring Choices for Birth Challenges Discussion of interventions offered by medicine and other supports to help you roll with the birthing process as it unfolds. Relaxation techniques will be included. 

Week 5: Active Birth – Pushing and Emergence Movement, supported positions, partner tips, paying particular attention to transition, pushing, and the moment of birth.  

Week 6: The Golden Hour Class will focus on the Golden Hour immediately after birth, initial breastfeeding, postpartum wellness and family adjustment (pets included!).  

Week 7: Birth Stories and Birth Plan Review One of the most important things you can do to prepare for the journey of childbirth is to surround yourself with positive, empowering stories!  New families will come share their birthing tales and answer your questions!  At the end of class, the instructor will give each family some one on one time for birth plan review.  Make sure you bring them to class! 

Week 8: Babies! OK, Now what?! What can you expect as your new normal after your baby is born?  In this class we will discuss Sleeping choices, feeding your baby, finding community with other new families, finding a pediatrician, diapering, basic newborn care, etc. 


We understand that life is busy and sometimes it’s difficult to find Childbirth Education classes that fit your schedule. That’s why we are offering a full-day active birth immersion class! This class will cover all of the material offered in our Tuesday night class series, but all in one day. Topics include:

  • physiology of pregnancy and birth
  • movement to help with pregnancy discomforts
  • nutrition
  • support during the childbearing year
  • movement and positions for labor, birth and optimal baby positioning
  • partner support
  • challenges during birth
  • medical and non-medical interventions
  • the golden hour immediately after birth
  • postpartum health
  • family adjustment
  • infant care, pediatrician selection

At the end of the day, we will have a new family or two join us to share their birth story and answer questions! Snacks, tea and water will be provided. Special diets will be accommodated. Bring your own lunch or plan on eating nearby. This class will be taught by Jessica Hayek, CCCE, Doula. Please see the class and event schedule for upcoming classes and their registration deadlines. Contact Jessica with questions or to reserve your spot: (518) 727-8219 or  $120 per family, pre-registration required.

HOME SWEET HOMEBIRTH – Childbirth Preparation Classes For Couples Planning Birth At Home

This 3-week series offered the first three weeks of every month will cover the following topics: The Divine Design of Labor and Birth, Ways of Working with the Power of Labor, Labor Support for Partners, The Wide Range of Normal, Indications for Transfer of Care or Transport to Hospital, Immediate Postpartum, The Baby Moon, Breastfeeding, Taking Care of Mother, Baby and Family. $75 for series. Please note that the class location will alternate between Albany and Saratoga Springs on an as-needed basis. Contact us if you would like to take the class, and see our Schedule.

The Family Life Center Saratoga Springs, 2 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866   Monday nights, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Facilitated by Tisha Graham, CPM, CCE, ICD, CLC. Please pre-register with Tisha: (518) 366-2159,


A single class exploring the dynamics of homebirth. A great extension to our Active Birth series. For families either considering or planning a homebirth. 2nd Wednesday of every other month, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Facilitated by Jessica Hayek, CCCE, Doula. Please pre-register with Jessica: (518) 584-6619, (518) 727-8219,



Calling all experienced parents who are expecting another baby: This class is for you! Refresh your knowledge for your upcoming labor and the birth of your new little one.
In this three hour class, we will cover :
– stages of labor
– comfort measures
– relaxation techiques
– birth plans
– sibling adjustment and family preparation
Facilitated by Jessica Hayek, CCCE, Doula. Please see the class and event schedule for upcoming classes and their registration deadlines. Contact Jessica with questions or to reserve your spot: (518) 727-8219 or  $50 per family for 2.5 hour, Sunday morning classes, pre-registration required.