Specialty Classes

In addition to our Active Birth 8-week series and Homebirth series, we are offering single specialty classes each with a particular focus.  These are separate, stand-alone classes – please contact the facilitator directly to pre-register and pay the facilitator personally each class.

Acupressure For Labor and Birth

Saturdays, AM 
20 Elm Street, Albany, NY

Saturdays,  AM
2 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs, NY

Please contact Dana for next class dates and register with Dana by calling: (206) 579-8267, dana@turtlemoonacupuncture.com.

Come learn simple acupressure and moxa techniques that can help get you,your baby, your body, and your birth partner prepared for your labor! Acupressure and moxabustion can help your baby find the best position for labor, as well as prepare the mother’s body for labor.  Acupressure is also a great method for helping to reduce pain during contractions, promote efficient labor, shorten the first stage of labor and address many common conditions that can arise during labor, as well as encouraging close partner involvement. We will learn Qigong self-massage, view Debra Bett’s Acupressure for Pain Relief During Labor DVD and have hands on practice.  All couples and birth partners are welcome. $25/mom+1.

*Classes are taught by Dana Balassi, Dipl. O.M., L.Ac  Dana has extensive training in Women’s Health, including Obstetrics, Gynecology and Acupuncture during Labor and Delivery with renown teachers: Raven Lang, OMD, Li Jin, DA OM, Claudia Citcovitz, L.A.c., and Christina Jackson, L.Ac., as well as the honor of attending conferences where Ina May Gaskin and Penny Simpkin have been the keynote speakers.  She has been specializing in Women’s Health and Maternity Care for the past 4 years of her practice and is very happy to be offering classes through the Family Life Center.


Life After Birth: At Home With Your Newborn

Saturdays, 10 am
20 Elm Street, Albany, NY 

Having a baby is wonderful and scary and fun and exhausting and this class is designed to help expectant parents feel prepared. We will focus on newborn care health and safety basics like diapering, bathing, feeding, and sleep and also discuss family adjustment, parenting instincts, and self-care. Participants will also receive a list of handy resources for a variety of parenting topics.  $25 per family. Facilitated Rose Mitchell-Tenerowicz, CD(DTI) and mother of two. Contact for next class and Pre-register with Rose: (518) 465-0241, info@albanyfamilylifecenter.org


All About Water

Thursdays, 6:30 pm
20 Elm Street, Albany, NY 

Using water in labor and birth has many benefits for both mom and baby. This class prepares expectant families for the experience of water birth through discussion, role play and movies. $25 per mom+1. Facilitated Betsy Mercogliano, LM, CNM, CPM, RN, CD, CCE. Contact for next class and Pre-register with Betsy: (518) 449-5759, bmercog@nycap.rr.com


 The Art of Babywearing

Thursdays or Mondays,  6:30 pm
20 Elm Street, Albany, NY 

Babywearing has obvious benefits for baby and caregiver, but how do you choose and how do you use it?  This class will give you a chance to try out all kinds of carriers. $10 per mom+1.  Facilitated by SlingBabies Leader Amber Chaves, a certified Babywearing Educator, as well as a pediatric occupational therapist. Pre-register with Amber:  518.557.8809 or info@slingbabies.org.



Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Basics offers a well-rounded look at the breastfeeding experience.  During the class you will learn: how to prepare for breastfeeding; what to expect in the first 24 hours; how to establish your milk supply; some long-term breastfeeding tips; many resources for help when you need it.  Expecting couples, new moms and babies are all welcome! $25 per mom+1. 

Fourth Wednesday of each month, 6-8 pmcaleb nursing
20 Elm Street, Albany, NY

Second Wednesday of each month, 6-8 pm
2 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs, NY

Led by Tisha Graham, CLC, CPM. Pre-register with Tisha: (518) 366-2159.


Infant Bonding and Communication

Sometimes the postpartum period is not as smooth as we hoped. Sometimes becoming a mother and understanding our new little beings seems overwhelming and difficult. Sometimes we just wish we knew how to understand our babies more and had more ways to communicate.
This class is for new moms with their first baby or seasoned moms with a new baby who are looking for ways to communicate with their infants and want techniques to soothe, communicate and bond. We will explore both hands on and verbal techniques to communicate. We will explore mindfulness and how to entrain with our babies. We will learn ways to soothe baby and create peace within ourselves even when we feel like we don’t know what to do next. We will unlock some of the mystery around baby language and learn to hear and see what our babies are saying and needing.

$25 per class.

Location: The Family Life Center, 20 Elm Street, Albany NY
Second Tuesday of each month, starting September 10,  10 – 11:30 am

Facilitated in Albany by Michelle Beaulieu, LMT, CEIM, CD (DONA). Pre-register with Michelle: (518) 429-6588 or newmoonholistic@gmail.com


Sibling Class

Location: The Family Life Center, 20 Elm Street, Albany, NY 12202

An opportunity to explore the newness of a baby moving in!  $25 per class. Stay tuned for details.