Water Birth Pool Rental

Many pregnant women now know that access to a pool of water can be extremely helpful during labor and birth.  Many practitioners have seen the deep sigh of relaxation that happens when a laboring woman lowers herself into warm water.  The Family Life Center has 5 portable pools available for families in this area.

We have worked with these pools for almost fifteen years for both home birthing and hospital birthing families.  We are very happy with their design as they are freestanding and strongly supported by a stainless steel frame. They are also quite portable, coming packed in a large duffel bag.  When contacted and arranged, one member of the couple (at least) comes to the Family Life Center for a complete demonstration of how to set the pool up, its use, and how to clean and return it after the baby arrives. The pool comes with an individualized liner, a pump for emptying the pool and a list of supplies that each family must supply.   We include a list of guidelines for the use of water during labor and birth, which was compiled from the guidelines used in numerous hospitals and birthing centers in England, where these pools are made.  Ideally, we like to get the pool to the family three weeks before their expected due date and have it returned within about one week after the baby’s birth.

We hope you will consider this as valuable a resource as we do.  Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  We would be glad to speak with you about these pools.